Thursday, 7 October 2010

(Podcast) The Home Recording Show – Ryan Canestro, Jon Tidey, and Jesse Zoller

Here is an music production podcast that I have been listening to for a few months now, they have loads of interviews with industry leaders and great recording tips, especially if you have a home studio

The Home Recording Show – Ryan Canestro, Jon Tidey, and Jesse Zoller

The Home Recording Show
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Ryan originally set out to start the show in May of 2008. He first contacted Jon Tidey and Des McKinney and asked if they would be interested in producing a podcast on the subject of home recording. These two were chosen because of their work on AudioGeekZine and HomeTracked respectively. Both agreed to develop a weekly show and on June 17th, 2008 the first Home Recording Show episode was released.

Des McKinney was only part of the first two shows. He quickly realized that he would not have enough time in his schedule to produce a weekly segment and respectfully bowed out of the show. Ryan Canestro and Jon Tidey continued on as a duo until February 2009 when Jesse Zoller officially joined the cast. This filled out the shows host line-up and remains as such presently.
Ryan Canestro

Ryan has been involved with recording informally since he was a child. He started with an 8-track cartridge machine, then a cassette deck with two mic inputs, followed by two cassette decks and a Radio Shack mixer for overdubbing, then to a 4 track cassette tape machine, on to an 8 track ADAT machine, and finally to computer based recording. He is usually asked what recording school that he attended, which he replies, “I have 20 years of trial and error starting from the absolute beginning. I can not imagine a better education that that.”

Ryan currently resides in Southern California with his wife and two children. He owns and operates the recording studio Ditch Road Records.

Jon Tidey

In 2006 Jon Tidey graduated from the Audio Engineering & Music Production course at Metalworks Institute, one of the top recording schools in Canada. Following that Jon then started AudioGeekZine, a website designed to share various articles, tips and tutorials with other audio “geeks” out on the internet.

Jon currently resides with his wife in Ontario, Canada where he operates his production studio – Epic Sounds.

Jesse Zoller

Jesse Zoller is a Bay Area native who has a strong passion for audio production, starting with live to cassette recording in high school.

He has over 10 years experience working with all types of audio, from music all the way to film and TV. He started at Russian Hill Recording as a runner, and worked his way up from there. He has worked with clients from Roy Rogers to PJ Harvey. As well as film clients like Goodwill Hunting, A Bugs Life, and The Virgin Suicides.

Jesse then made the move in 2000 to work at Transmedia. There he focused on radio syndication work such as Imagination Theater, Point of Law and Golf Radio. He also has done extensive recording, producing and sound design for corporate and advertising clients like Genentech, Electronic Arts, Subway (restaurant) and Albertsons.

Jesse lives with his wife and daughter in San Francisco where he currently runs his studio, The Ice Shop.

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